Here you can find resources which might be useful to you as an owner or manager of a tree collection. 

The resources available here include templates for tree collection or woodland management plans and tree surveys.  These templates reflect the standard expected of sites which form part of the NTCS, in respect to such documentation.

'Real life' examples of such plans and surveys are available to view and download in the projects section.

Managment Plans

Hilton Dunkeld House Estate Management Plan.

The long-term woodland management plan for the Hilton Dunkeld House Estate, published in 2012.

Castle Leod Policy Woodland Management Plan

This plan, published in 2013, outlines the objectives and priorities for managing the policy woodlands at Castle Leod until 2050.

Smeaton Lake Woods Landscape Management Plan

The Smeaton Lake Woods Landscape Management Plan, published 2013. See also 'Smeaton Woodlands Visitor Survey'.

Balloch Castle Country Park Woodland Management Plan

A 20-year management plan for the woodland and tree collections contained within the designed landscape of Balloch Castle Country Park. Published 2014.

Visitor Surveys

Smeaton Lake Woods Visitor Survey

This visitor survey was undertaken as a supplement to the management plan and was published in the summer of 2013.