Become a Member

Qualifying sites may range from specialised collections including arboretum, pinetum, botanic garden, forest garden, forest research plots, historic gardens and designed landscapes, through to informal collections or special stands of trees of particular distinction.

Collections may become part of the initative in a number of ways. The owner of a collection of interest may:

  • be invited to join by the National Tree Collections of Scotland Steering Group
  • make a request to the Steering Group directly
  • be nominated by others as a collection of national interest  

To become a National Tree Collection, a site should:

  • be accessible to the general public
  • support conservation of threatened tree species
  • be willing to support education on trees and related topics
  • have a viable long-term plan for conservation of the collection
  • be willing to participate in the informal network of site owners and managers, to share best practice and data.

If you have a tree collection which could be part of the National Tree Collections of Scotland, please contact us with details of your collection, how it meets the criteria above and/or any assistance you might need to meet these criteria; and any other help you might need or could offer.